Aquatech survey RIB

Aquatech survey RIB





Our original enclosed RIB 'Aquatech', designed specifically for coastal and inshore survey operations, proved to be dependable, seaworthy and totally suited to the task. She still offers the best combination of capability and mobility for many inshore sites, so we are presently undertaking a major refit to extend her service well into the future. 

  • Length
7.5 metres
  • Beam
2.9 metres
  • Draught
400 mm
  • Power
140 HP turbo inter-cooled diesel
  • Propulsion
PP90 Water Jet
  • Speed
1 knot - 8 knots survey, 17 knots at full power
  • Endurance
Survey - 24 hours
Full power - 10 hours
  • Wheelhouse
Enclosed and heated
1.9m x 1.9m x 2m
  • Work deck
1.9m x 1.9m
  • Sampling winch
100 Kg 30 m/min hydraulic
  • Electricity
12V 90A DC
230V 16A AC 50Hz (12 outlets)
  • Electronics
Radar 24M, DGPS, Autopilot, Sounder, VHF, PC based chart plotting & logging.
  • Bow gantry
2 x over-side mounts + sat ant.
  • Galley
Microwave, Kettle (no gas)  
  • Safety
Coded MCA workboat Cat 2   (60 miles from safe haven)
  • Towing
Mercedes Unimog or Land Rover
  • Trailer
3.4 tonne 4 wheel braked
  • Launching
Most slipways, some beaches in good weather