Aquatech survey RIB





12m  coastal survey craft 'Aquadynamic'

Since her completion in late 2004 Aquadynamic has completed numerous large surveys, taken over 2000 sediment samples and several hundred seabed images. She is seen here at Oceanology 2006 demonstrating her extraordinary manoeuvrability.

Dimensions Length 12metres, beam 3.5 metres, draught 1metre
Construction High strength, lightweight, epoxy-composite hull suited to road transport, and requiring lighter engines than conventional GRP
Ballast Large volume water ballast system to improve low speed handling and survey data quality
Engines Twin 164 Bhp diesels driving twin stern jets and one bow jet for ultimate reliability and manoeuvrability
Control Electronic joystick control to all jets in manual mode, computer driven autopilot for automatic line steering, direct computer control of all jets in dynamic positioning mode
Safety Coded MCA workboat Cat 2  (60 miles from safe haven)
Launching Travel lift or dockside crane
Layout Large, flush work deck with no obstructions and clear access to the water aft (40% of deck area), large fully enclosed wheelhouse/lab (30% of deck area), remainder of space includes double cabin, galley area and toilet
Hydraulics Aquatech designed automatic hydraulic sediment sampling system (0.1m 'Day' grab and 0.1m mini 'Hamon' grab) for sampling in up to 100m water depth
Electricity Built-in power supplies for 12V, 24V, and 230V equipment including separate 3KW UPS for computers
Data Dedicated electronic charting and logging software backed up on duplicate, embedded computers