Sampling grabs






0.1 m2 'Day' grab

Auto handling equipment

Aggregate site sample

Grab restrained

Purpose-built grabs

Our two automatic grabs sample a 0.1 m2 square area and return up to a 10 litre sample. The soft sediment grab is based on a conventional offset 'Day' grab design with modifications for the 'Aquatech' auto handling system.



For stony ground we use a 0.1 m2 , single jaw grab based on the mini 'Hamon' design (with similar modifications for auto handling) which prevents sample washout in areas where loose stone may block a double jaw grab.

Both these options have proved to be very reliable over thousands of samples and they perform exactly as industry standard grabs. Where they differ from normal grabs is purely in their method of recovery on board and extreme ease of use. The main safety issues associated with sediment sampling at sea have been completely designed out of our system.