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We have fitted our all-terrain, towing vehicle with a mobile workshop and crane to form a highly versatile base for our on-site operations. The workshop area is well insulated and clients are welcome to use it as a laboratory or storage facility.

The vehicle is a 7.5 tonne Mercedes Unimog  - widely believed to be one of the very best off-road machines. A purpose-built hydraulic circuit that powers a 500Kg rear crane, a 4500Kg front winch and a 5Kw mains generator has been fitted. Welding of stainless and mild steel can be carried out on site and the vehicle also has a supply of compressed air for inflating tyres or fenders.


Gross Vehicle Weight 7,500 Kg Gross Train Weight 17,500 Kg 
Load Capacity 2,500 Kg Engine 6 cylinder Mercedes diesel 140 BHP
Transmission 8 forward speeds , four  reverse speeds,4 wheel drive with diff locks   Road Speed Max 50 MPH 

(limited by tyres)

Box-Body 3.2m  X 2.4m X 2.1m Crane 500 Kg
Winch 4500 Kg Electricity 24V DC, 115/230V AC, 5KW