Small vessels





12 metre inflatable barges

Our collection of inflatable craft even runs to a pair of extremely tough, flat top barges measuring 12m x 3m. Each vessel can be fitted with an individual deck and guardrail for carrying 10 tonnes of cargo at sea, or they may be used in tandem with a single deck span enabling a stable lift of 30 tonnes.

In keeping with all our equipment, these barges are easily transportable and quick to deploy. Inflation takes around 15 minutes with a specialised compressor - only a few hours are needed to unpack, fit the decking and launch.

So far we have used the barges for supporting diving operations and transporting split pipe for cable protection at sea. They would also be highly suited to restricted inland waters for core sampling and other works. Our 12m launch can tow a laden barge at 6 knots and manoeuvre it precisely.